Most songs are in .MOD format, you can download WinAMP if you cannot play .MOD's.

Presented below is an archive of all the mods Graham (Echo/LSD) has ever written.

This is mainly an archive of nostalgia for those who wished to see the infamous Echo/LSD's previous works before transforming into the Spoon.

The years '87 thru '95 saw continued use of ProTracker on the Amiga to create the mods. This excellent tool was however limited to the four Amiga audio channels, but the results were still impressive. During '96 a clever bit of programming named Octamed saw the light of day, providing more than the standard four channels but this was still limited by 8-Bit sound. Reluctantly the Amiga was pushed to one side to make way for a PC armed with a 16-Bit sound card and FastTracker to create tunes, which ended in '98 when Cubase VST, ReBirth, Acid, Sound Forge and other great appications made their way to the surface.

Be warned that that all tunes written before 1992 are extremely experimental (dodgy) and should be downloaded with care and at your own risk. Graham is not accountable for any embarrasment you may suffer whilst listening to them or how many times you look at your shoes.

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